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Guide on how to Upload M3U File on Openbox/skybox

Openbox/Skybox  - The powerful version that can use IPTV starts from V8S Upward.

Skybox/Openbox V8s are one of the common or most used boxes around but since CCCam provider has been having problems displaying some important channels which makes it difficult to continue using Openbox/Skybox

Some of Openbox/Skybox users has no choice than to opt their game among IPTV players by running IPTV Service on the box.

So these are the important guides on how to run iptv on various boxes

Openbox V8s - Click here for Guide on how to Run IPTV on Openbox v8s

Openbox v9/v9s - Click here for Guide on how to use M3U file on Openbox v9/v9s