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Free IPTV channels for Smart TV and other devices

Guide to use IPTV on Android Mobile or Tablets

To use on Android Mobile or Tablets 

 Go to google play store on your device - Install - IPTV or IPTV pro -


Install VLC PLAYER or MX PLAYER from googleplay store (they are free)

 3) Download the attached file (WebTV.M3U) on your phone or any other devices (Tablets) The WebTV.m3u that I sent to you.

 4)After installing the IPTV AND vlc/mx player apps from playstore,  then open downloaded IPTV app.

A playlist option will appear.

Click on Add playlist or + symbol.

Then two options will pop up Add URL or Select File

If you have demanded for the IPTV list via contact Page, i recomend URL options as regular update is done and you do not need to update Manually.

Otherwise Click on the select file

And scroll down to download

Click on download and locate WebTV.m3u that you downloaded on your device earlier from the email you received and click on it

If your playlist doesn’t detect the right player itself. You have to go to settings

 and click on streaming player and select VLC /MX Player you downloaded from google play store and you are good to go.



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