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Wheel TV settings on V9,V9s and Solovox

Wheel TV app is available on Openbox v9, V9s, Solovox  and also on MYSMBox which look like openbox v9s.

How to make it work:

1, Upgrade V9/ V9S firmware to latest version which has Wheel TV app if your box hasn't got that already.

2, Enter Camds->IPTV as below (press 6666 to show the camds setup)

3, Turn to the Wheel TV as below:

4, Input the User Code like: 3600004405982513. (Can get it from the dealer)

5, Click“Connect” and Press “OK” on the remote to get channels.

6, After getting channels successfully,

7, Then go into the network app->Wheel TV and click on it,

you can watch the channels.

Thats it.


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