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Guide to Use IPTV on Smart TV (SS iptv)

Simple Smart IPTV Known as SSIPTV is one of the most popular Smart TV applications and it's very good to use with LG Smart tv and Sony Smart TV . It's totally free with excellent features.

Some series of Samsung doesn't allow it anymore except D-series models and higher.


Download SSIPTV from your official TV app store.

After downloading,

Open the app and click on settings botton

Select the General subsection of the app's settings and press Get code button.

Then proceed to SSIPTV website  playlist editor

on the right side of the page enter the code generated from your TV in there and press 'Add device'  and your tv is connected.

Then you can copy link url from us to use as External playlist on the websites  (For the url link click here)
Create m3u file to your PC and use as My playlists. (How to create m3u file)

Whatever you do on the websites automatically appears on the SSIPTV apps on your Smart TV.

When on SSIPTV Website you can learn other ways to load channels.

But this method gives you sole power to edit and select Channels you will like to use on My Playlists.

SS IPTV has become the first app of LG Smart World, which provided opportunity of IPTV viewing for its users. This app was highly rated by jury of LG Smart TV Apps Contest 2012 and got the prize in the main nomination - The Best App.



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